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Good Samaritans in Action

Peter (name has been changed), a fifty something faithful man, lives on his own but suffers daily. In 2016, he was in an auto accident resulting in several disabling fractures to his spine. In addition, Peter had dental surgery which caused nerve damage. Both situations has caused him to be in constant pain 24 hours a day. He has tried different medications but only having to discontinue them due to the side effects of depression.  He also is unable to drive, provide for himself or has support from family as his closest relative is over a twenty minute drive. 

So many good Samaritans of VIS have answered Jesus’ call to “go and do likewise.” Some volunteers provide transportation, others have delivered furniture and household items as Peter needs them.  One volunteer provided a much needed memory foam mattress topper to reduce the pain he experiences at pressure points when he slept.  Another volunteer has been helping Peter dispose of items he no longer needs, helping remove tripping hazards. Many volunteers have prayed with Peter and he finds great comfort in knowing other are praying for him. 

Prayer requests for Peter:

  • It is difficult for Peter to envision life without pain. There may be a surgical procedure that could provide relief, but at this point, insurance will not cover it. Father God, You own all the cattle on the hills. Would You make way for Peter either by healing him completely of his pain or the financial means for Peter to have the surgery.  In Jesus’ Name we pray.

  • Thomas is unfailingly grateful to all who provide him services. Lord, thank You for providing Peter with the body of Christ to come alongside him.

  • Pray for more transportation volunteers so Peter can obtain the health care he needs on a regular basis. Lord, we thank You for providing volunteers called to serve You by providing transportation to Peter.  Lord, we thank You that You recognize Peter’s needs and You are already proving a means and a way just for him.  In Jesus’ Name Amen.




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