The Square Matters

The Square Matters

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The Bible tells us in Genesis 1:27 that “God created us in His own image.”  Because of this, we believe that ALL people matter to God, and since ALL people matter to Him, then ALL people should matter to us!

Through Volunteers In Service, church volunteers have opportunity to embrace, love and support people throughout Kent County sharing with them the love of God.  Every person living in every square mile of Kent County matters to God and that is why your support to “The Square Matters” is so important!!


“The Square Matters” is a unique opportunity for you to support the work of Volunteers In Service by sponsoring, for just $10 a square, places in Kent County that have played an important role in your life


  1. A place that is personal to you i.e. your home, where you grew up, went to school etc.
  2. A place where you have volunteered through VIS or other organizations.
  3. The neighborhood surrounding the church you attend.
  4. A place where you have met someone new.
  5. A place going through neighborhood revitalization.
  6. A place that you are praying over.

Kent County is large so we are unable to give you a detailed street map. We invite you to find the general area that you would like to sponsor and the link will provide space for you to share the specific location.


To the right is an interactive map. Click on the square you would like to sponsor for $10. The square link will bring you to the page where you can:

  1. Specify your location
  2. Sponsor multiple squares.
  3. Give additional support.

Each gift you give impacts lives for Christ for the sake of building His kingdom here on earth!!

Thank You!