If your church is interested in any of the available training below, please contact us at info@visgr.org.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Financial Mentor Training

Length of Training: 8 hrs.

To meet the growing demand of requests from local church leaders for a financial mentor for someone they are working with, VIS is hosting the financial mentor training. For more information, click here.

Benevolence Training

Length of training: 8 hrs.

It is Biblical to take care of the physical needs of people around us. In responding to needs, do we take the opportunity to share the gospel? Do we view people as problems to solve or opportunities from God to love and embrace? Duke Gray, VIS trainer, will facilitate a three week training on how to love, serve and embrace people around us for the sake of growing the kingdom. For more information, click here.

Deacon Orientation

Length of training: 2 hrs.

This training is designed for first-time deacons as well as for deacons who have previously served but have not been through an orientation or training. The focus of this training is on five areas:

Brief Biblical background about the office of the deacon.
Focus on you, the person who has accepted God’s call to serve as a deacon.
Focus on your role as a deacon within your congregation as well as your role mobilizing the congregation to serve.
Focus on your role as a deacon in the community as well as your role in developing collaborations with other agencies.
Focus on the challenges and joys of diaconal ministries and the importance of sharing stories with your congregation.

For a schedule of Deacon Training for 2019, click here.

Spiritual Health Habits of a Deacon

Length of training: 1 hr.

This training focuses on developing a strong, spiritually sound diaconate team. Together we explore how having good individual, daily spiritual habits keeps our batteries recharged and our focus on God as the provider and healer. Together we also focus on the importance of prayer and scripture as the foundation of deacon meetings to strengthen the team.

Communicate & Build Trust through Healthy Conversations

Length of training: 1 hr.

Communicating with those God has put in our path begins with conversations. The language we use either builds people up or tears them down. It starts with how we think. This training helps deacons understand that they are not responsible for the situation someone is in but they are responsible for the way in which they respond. Are deacons in a position of “right thinking” when they are communicating? Are deacons equipped to listen, discern and respond in healthy helpful ways?


Length of training: 2 hrs.
This training is about discovering together the “why” of budgeting. Oftentimes people deacons are working with receive help contingent on budgeting. Is that effective? Is guilt a good motivator? Discover together through this training how budgeting is so much more than just a tool to use to get to an end result. This workshop looks at the importance of discovering together with those served why someone would want//need to budget and practical tips of how to coach others in this process.

Providing Godly Love and Assistance

4 week series: 1 hour/week

This training is for deacons as well as congregation members who are interested in serving. Together we look at what loving and serving means for Christians and how to carry that out in our everyday life. Topics include:

Session 1: A Christians Call to Serve
Session 2: Check Your “Baggage” at the Door before you Enter
Session 3: Empowering vs. Enabling
Session 4: Unmerited Grace

Leadership Training Event

Each year in the Fall, we work to provide workshops, networking and shared experiences that will richly bless and equip your ministry leaders for the upcoming ministry year. The wide variety of workshops and conversations will focus on important topics for Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Small Group Leaders, and other ministry leaders.