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Other Ways to Give

A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great. Proverbs 18:16

Serving Opportunities

Serving Opportunities



Female - 71 years old and visually impaired. She would like someone to take her grocery shopping at Walmart on Alpine at least once a month around the second Wednesday of the month. She is unable to afford GoBus. Commitment: Approximately 2-3 hours per month.

Household Chores & Grocery Shopping

Male - 81 years old and has Parkinson’s. He needs help with cleaning, laundry, and getting to the grocery store. He lives near Ball and Knapp and shops at Meijer at Knapp Corners. We could use a couple of people to help him so the chores can be split up. He is on a waiting list for help through one of the agencies in town. Commitment: 2 hours per week until he gets off the waiting list (approx. 4-6 months).

Yard Work

Female - 72 years old. She has some tree branches that need to be trimmed away from the house to protect from snow and ice build up. She lives near Plainfield and 5 Mile Road. Commitment: Approx. 2-4 hours.



Female - 60 years old and uses a walker. She needs someone to take her grocery shopping three times a month. She shops at Meijer in Standale. Commitment: Approximately six hours per month.


Female is having some health problems that make it difficult for her to get things done in her apartment. She is 77 years old and would like help cleaning out a closet and moving some things around. She is only able to work for a maximum of two hours at a time. Commitment: Estimate a total of 6-8 hours.


Household Chores

Female - 60 years old and a fairly recent amputee. She needs help with light housework and laundry. She wants to do what housework she can, but she needs help with dusting the higher things and cleaning the bathroom. The laundry facilities are in the basement and she’s not able to maneuver steps yet. She is going through a bit of depression right now, so having someone help her will bring a big boost in her mood. She lives near Burton and Eastern. Commitment: 2 hours per week. May be able to do 3 hours every two weeks.

Female - 82 years old. She had a roommate that left the place rather messy and she needs help cleaning it up. She feels she can keep it clean once it’s done. She lives near Madison and Hall.


Female - 73 years old and has trouble walking. She is in need of someone to take her grocery shopping and to the bank on or around the second Wednesday of the month. She shops at Family Fare at 60th and Kalamazoo and her bank is just across the street. She may need to go to the bank one other time during the month. She lives near Kalamazoo and 44th Street. Commitment: 2-3 hours per month.


Supportive Friend

Female - 72 years old, is home-bound and quite isolated. She usually only goes out for doctor’s appointments. Her brother lives close by and helps her as much as he can. She talks on the phone to a neighbor, but otherwise she doesn’t have anyone she can be friends with. She lives in Wyoming and would like to have coffee and visit with someone 2-3 times a month. Commitment: three hours per month.

Female - 68 years old, had a brain injury and suffers from depression and poor memory. Her only friend is 79 years old and unable to come and visit her much any more. She loves animals, enjoys table games, likes to talk, and likes going for walks in nice weather, but can’t walk very far. She was a nurse. She lives in Grandville. Commitment: 4 hours per month.

Minor Home Repairs

Female -  61 years old and has no family to help her. She would like an eave put above her front door to keep the ice from building up on her steps. Someone told her she may want to do an awning instead, so she’s contemplating that and would appreciate help with that decision from someone knowledgeable in that area. She lives near Madison and 44th Street. Commitment: Unknown

Laundry and Grocery Shopping

Female - 56 years old and will be having knee replacement soon. She has a lot of pain and could use help now and after her surgery with laundry and grocery shopping. She lives near 28th and Burlingame. Commitment: 4-6 hours per week.

OUTLYING AREAS (Outside Greater Grand Rapids Area)

Supportive Friend

Female - 63 years old, has cerebral palsy, is hard of hearing, and lives with her sister in Caledonia. Her sister is not well and she doesn’t know how much longer she will be able to help her. She would like someone to come over once a week to call RideLink to schedule her rides for the following week. She is somewhat hard to understand so her sister would like someone to start helping her as soon as possible so she can help the volunteer understand her. Commitment: four hours per month.